Sunday, December 27, 2009

some time later...

i retook the white star test. i wasn't sure that i would. it was a shitty blow to fail the first time and i wasn't sure i had it in me to fail again. failing sucks. i tend to avoid situations where i can fail so i'm not well practiced. i'm not saying that i'm awesome at everything, i guess it's just that i play it safe. i do things that i know i'm good at so i never have to suck too much. but skating is fucking hard and the level of skill required is beyond my capacity. so i freaked out and thought that it's probably best to avoid future devastation. but i agreed to car pool with shirley tumble and slicer minelli so i had to go. and i passed.


and here is a list of what i've learned about myself:

1. i dont have great balance
2. i learn at my own unique pace
3. i really really really miss pippa when i work all day and skate all night
4. i have no real interest in doing sit ups or push ups
5. i'm very inexperienced with team sports
6. i love skating and feel hugely accomplished when i learn a new skill that had previously seemed impossible.

i don't know how long i can ride this wave for, but i'm pretty stoked to have gotten this far.

xx darth ada


  1. amazing!
    i love this blog!
    can i contribute, ladies!?
    xxThe Notorious E.V.E.xx

  2. Hey E.V.E!
    We love reading peoples stories, so you're more than welcome to hook in on the blogging action. I think I need an email address to add you though.